Monday, October 8, 2012

Safe powerful policy for Justin Trudeau

I will be taking a break from blogging for the next month or so, but before taking my leave I will part with some, (in my not so very humble opinion) sage advice for Liberal leadership aspirant Justin Pierre Trudeau.

Conservative commentators and pundits have been clamouring for something substantive in the way of policy  from the Papineau member of Parliament.  Showing political acumen perhaps beyond  his years, Mr. Trudeau has been wise not to oblige.  After all this is not a general election, merely a contest to determine the leader of the third party in the House.

But Justin appears to be very much the gentleman, an individual who carries himself with poise and with class, something long missing from the Canadian political scene.  As such I'm sure he must be itching to give his detractors some steak to go with all the sizzle.  

It would be unwise to make any bold statements this far in advance of the next election in 2015.  After all, who knows what the issues will be?  Why corner yourself on something that the Conservatives will try to hang you with in three years time.  

That doesn't mean you can't outline some powerful policy initiatives however.  And here are four ideas for starters, complete with annotations, just click each point.  

I will suggest that Justin tell the Liberal party specifically and Canadians in general that a Trudeau led Liberal government will not:

My favourite in all those is the stylist that Canadians taxpayers footed the bill for, not for Justin but for Prime Minister Harper.  Conservatives love mocking Trudeau for his gorgeous 'pretty boy' locks, but at least taxpayers aren't asked to foot the bill.  

See y'all sometime in November.  

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