Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stephen Harper is Sooooo unpopular that.....

I'm not going to put any stock in a recent poll that suggests the Liberals led by Justin Trudeau would easily win a federal election if one were held right now, because there's no campaign going on.  

But it does say something about how Canadians  feel about Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.   All Justin Trudeau brings to the table at this juncture is a famous name, good looks and a perfect boxing record.  But that's all Canadians seem to need to tank Conservative support at the moment.  

Of course the Conservative attack machine hasn't yet fixed its cross hairs on the son of Canada's philosopher king.  Assuming JT wins, that will most assuredly come.  

The Harper Conservatives' political success hasn't been built around convincing Canadians that they're the best party to lead the country so much, but rather by scaring us about others who: 'Aren't here for us'.  Or who are 'not worth the risk'.  

Any thoughts for an anti JT slogan?  

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