Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Memories of 9/11 the day three WTC buildings collapsed

Like everyone who was alive and of a certain age on September 11, 2001 I have vivid memories of that day.

I was at my office in downtown Toronto when I first heard of a plane hitting the north WTC tower.  I remember President George W. Bush saying that after seeing the first plane crash into the tower, that he thought it was a horrible accident.  I myself didn't see the first plane hit until much later, but regardless I too thought it was an accident.  And so I went to attend a meeting I had scheduled down in the financial district for around 10 am.  

Upon leaving the meeting I heard more of the news, the south tower had also been hit and flights were being grounded everywhere.  The reporting was a hodgepodge of news and conjecture and was very confusing.  Processing all the information was too much, I returned to my office and checked out for the day. I caught an early train out to the burbs where I lived and picked my son up from his day care centre.

Like many I was glued to the TV set, watching news of the crashed plane in Pennsylvania leaving a giant hole in the ground with nothing left bigger than a phone book according to first responders on the scene.  And of course the news about the Pentagon being hit by still another plane.  

It was a lot of news in such a short time.  The President of the United States sitting in a Florida classroom, the wreckage in Pennsylvania, the Pentagon with a huge hole in it.  Two planes crashing into the World Trade Centre's north and south towers with both collapsing along with building number seven later.

Often times when recounting events of that day I find a lot of people don't remember anything about the 47 story building number seven in the World Trade Center complex.  Its understandable I guess because of everything else that happened that day, and given the fact that it wasn't hit by an airplane.

Reports said it collapsed in on itself because of massive damage resulting from the attacks.

Here's how Fox news reported it at the time:

The lease holder of the WTC buildings in a later interview said that building seven was pulled.

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