Sunday, September 9, 2012

Confrontation over language on the streets of Montréal - Video

I wasn't sure whether or not to share this particular video.  It shows a confrontation between a French Quebecer  and his girlfriend with a group of Asian Canadians who had the temerity to be speaking English in public.  My hesitancy was due to the fact that it portrays what is now my home province in a not too positive light.  It lends credence to the perception of Quebec as a xenophobic and intolerant society.

Unfortunately, there is some merit to that point of view.

I have some sympathy for French Quebecers and for their desire to protect and promote their language.  I will admit that at times I have had similar feelings when I've been in Toronto, riding on a bus or subway and hearing a foreign tongue spoken loudly.  I never objected in any way, and certainly never confronted anyone.  

Of course the English language's dominance in the city of Toronto isn't even close to being challenged.  That's not the case in Montreal, I myself have been to places of business in that city and have been told that they don't speak French.  

Take a look and judge for yourself.  I'd be interested in any comments readers would care to share.

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