Monday, February 27, 2012

Robocall scam provided Canada!!!

Canadians upset over the RoboCall scandal need to look at this another way.  With our sputtering economy and record high levels of debt, a strategy like this provides jobs.  Sure, call centre jobs aren't the highest paying or most secure....but at least the CPC didn't hire a company that make calls out of India or  something.

Its now being reported that in addition to Racknine Inc out of Edmonton, the Tories employed the services of Responsive Marketing Group out of Thunder Bay.  And interviews with employees in big Thunder indicate the callers were actual people, not a digital voice as was the case with Racknine. 

So this is good news.  In Ontario, where unemployment is higher, more jobs were created.  Alberta on the other hand, they got a bit of money flowing their way, but I'm sure using a machine was a more cost effective way to subvert democracy and besides...Alberta is swimming in oil money so jobs aren't as sorely needed.

Call centres aren't that bad of a place to work.  Making calls on behalf of the CPC requires only basic literacy skills and there's no heavy lifting.  And with the direction Canada is moving, we're going to have lots of people heading into retirement needing extra income.     

  • Those forty year no money down mortgages are starting to come due, with many experts calling for a US style cratering of real estate in this country. 
  • Income trusts are no longer tax exempt, never mind that our Prime Minister said he would never go after seniors' retirement nest eggs.
  • And Canadians are looking at having to work longer to qualify for a government pension. 

Call it the Action Plan part II, getting Canadians working and ensuring that we have a Conservative majority in Ottawa to steer us through these difficult times.

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