Friday, February 24, 2012

Is the U.S. conservative movement on drugs?

I realize very well that the conservative movement in the U.S. has gone and basically co-opted the fundamentalist, born again, bible thumping, man walked with dinosaurs Christian crowd.  Fair enough, they're a great constituency to have.  They're used to doing as they're told, and they don't worry about obvious contradictions or warped logic. 

And that's a good thing for Rick Santorum, the new golden boy of the religious right. 

President Obama wants higher college enrollment in the United States.  Sounds good right?  You know, the globally competitive marketplace we now live in requires an intelligent and adaptable work force.  Unless of course you just want burger flippers and Wal-Mart greeters tossing their 10% tithes into the minimum wage collection plate. 

Ahhhhhh but wait.  Its all part of a huge left wing conspiracy.  Mr. Santorum was recently quoted saying that 62% of students who enter college and university with a faith commitment, leave without it.  Students learn to think critically, they gain knowledge, and they begin to question the religious teachings about the invisible man in the sky.  You know....God.  They become less malleable, more independent in their judgement and less easy to manipulate.  Heavens, they learn that they don't have to listen to Rush Limbaugh and some conclude that the bombastic radio host is really nothing more than a trailer park blow hard.

Conservative leaders sure don't want that. 

Thank heavens things haven't gone that far north of the border, at least not yet.  I wonder if our Prime Minister still holds to views he had back in 1997, when he said to an ultra conservative U.S. think tank:

"....your country, and particularly your conservative movement, is a light and an inspiration to people in this country and across the world".

Seems to me that "light" is running seriously low on juice. 

I'll end this entry with a YouTube clip of the late great George Carlin.  If you've had post secondary schooling you might find it amusing.  Warning, it has the (gasp) Eff word in it, but that's  Carlin :-)

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