Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CMA editorial advocates restricting reproductive choices

For those who missed it, ( I did) an editorial in the CMA Journal by that publication's editor in chief has caused quite a stir lately, as one  might well expect.  Any suggestion which advocates limiting or restricting choice on reproductive matters...well its just asking for trouble.

Dr. Kale, the author of the article, is advocating a ban on gender results from ultra sounds until 30 weeks to preclude gender based abortions. 

Run for cover Dr. Kale.  In Canada there are zero laws on the books concerning abortion, and if this nation's 'Pro-Choice' advocates have any say in the matter, that's exactly how things will remain. 

If a woman decides to terminate a pregnancy because the sex of the fetus isn't what is desired, in this country, that is her right.  Banning gender results until after 30 weeks would only serve to put women in peril, because abortions performed in the third trimester carry significant risks.  If the decision for an abortion is made, be it related to gender or any other factor, it is best that the procedure be performed earlier and not later.

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