Monday, February 27, 2012

Canadians don't care about the 'Robocall' scam....

When is a scandal not a scandal?  When nobody gives a rip. 

Sorry for the trailer park answer to that question, but I'm thinking some conservatives might read this...and well, I like to pander.  If I tossed in a word like dichotomy their eyes would glaze over and their heads would tilt to one side.

Better to keep things simple.

Its like the so called in and out scandal, sure it smells but we live in a win at all costs society now.  Call it a hybrid between pro wrestling and MMA, in keeping with the white trash theme.  Elections still have a veneer of respectability, so what if the rules get bent a little, or even a lot.

We won, you lost....stop whining.  Besides, you evil coalition types probably did some bad things too.  Snipe snipe snipe between Canada's political camps, while ordinary Canadians try to get extensions on their lines of credit to fill up their broken down cars so they can get to Timmy's in hopes of rolling up a Camry.

Hell, around 40% of Canadians didn't even bother to vote last time around.  We've got bigger worries.

Jobs are disappearing, Canadians are up to the eyeballs in debt and worried about warnings of higher interest rates.  We're going to be working longer to qualify for a piddly government pension.  Corporate welfare is alive and well in the Great White North, the rest of us are on our own. 

Who has time to worry about attempts to swipe ballot boxes and fraudulent phone calls being made to steal a lousy election? 

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