Friday, February 3, 2012

Cup size confusion in Canada

Sorry guys, I'm not writing about A, B, C or DD...this is about Tim Hortons and the new sizes for their coffee cups. 

If you're a Timmies customer you've probably already found out that your large or medium coffee is bigger than it was before.  I'm in Kingston where they've been test marketing this change for the past few months, and now its been rolled out Canada wide. 

Tims has added a new bigger cup, and rather than calling it something appropriate like the bladder buster, they've changed the names of all their cup sizes.

The old small is now extra small, the medium is now small, the large is now medium, extra large is now just large and the bladder buster is the new extra large.

Confused yet? 

Like seriously, do you think anyone wants a couple of 'extra small' DDs?  Some might like small, but extra small?  Prices haven't changed, but you just know people who used to order the old mediums are now going to be buying the old large size until they get used to saying small....But who wants to order small, go big or go home. 

Any thoughts?

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