Thursday, July 29, 2021

How to combat vaccine hesitancy? Stop censoring experts...

I don't consider myself vaccine hesitant, because I have had them all.  Looking at my immunization record book I see that I've had: Polio, MMR, dTap, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Meningitis, and while it's not listed I know I've also taken a shot for Tetanus.

The big one lacking of course is the Covid shot, or shots I guess.  

Why not?  There are a number of reasons actually.  

Firstly I've never been worried about this Covid bug, like a large segment of the population (many of whom have rolled up their sleeves regardless) I've never been concerned about contracting this virus.  I know the world is a dangerous place, there are influenzas, RSV, staph infections, streps, gastro intestinal bugs and on and on.  The world is full of pathogens, any one of which can be incredibly serious and sometimes fatal.  Younger healthy people die in this country all the time, it happened before Covid, and it will happen after Covid.  

Another reason is the speed at which they were developed.  While it's true that a number of roadblocks were removed, and vaccine developers went "all in" on the development of these shots, science hasn't solved the problem of speeding up the calendar.  Establishing a long term safety profile takes time, and none of the authorized shots has even completed its Phase 3 trial.  Moderna's is first up with an estimated study completion date in October of 2022, more than a year from today.

But probably the single biggest reason for my hesitancy is the censorship of basically anyone who dares to raise questions. I don't have a degree in any field of science or medicine, so I am not qualified to speak to this with any degree of expertise.  I have taken science courses at the University level, undergraduate studies, so I'm not completely scientifically illiterate, but I know I'm out of my depth. 

Someone like Dr. Robert Malone however is absolutely qualified.  Google is now the expert on everything that is true and false, of anything that qualifies as misinformation.  Fair enough, and according to Google Scholar Dr. Robert Malone is an inventor of both mRNA and DNA vaccines.  He has an impecable academic CV which includes highly respected schools like Northwestern and Harvard, and he worked at the prestigious Salk Institute.

But he is now censored and deplatformed due to his views on these vaccines.  His concerns over the potential for long term safety issues is banned with near Nazi type zeal.  One has to go to some alternative site like Rumble or Bitchute in order to hear him.  His video with Dr. Weinstein enumerating some of his concerns has been tossed down YouTube's memory hole.

Dr. Byram Bride, a viral immunologist with Guelph University is another.  He was considered esteemed enough that his lab at Guelph U was awarded $230,000 from Ontario's government to study four vaccines under development back in May of 2020.  Now he too is being censored, although having no real social media footprint to speak of deplatforming wasn't needed.  That didn't stop others from creating fake Twitter accounts that published dubious tweets in his name in an attempt to slander this respected academic.  

There's Dr. Michael Yeadon a former VP and a Chief Science Officer at Pfizer, Nobel Prize Winning Dr. Luc Montagnier, Dr. Francis Christian a highly esteemed surgeon from Saskatchewan, Dr. Hodkinson of Alberta a Cambridge educated recognized expert on pathology, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche who's held senior roles in vaccine development with GSK, Novartis, GAVI and even with the Gates Foundation. 

And there are dozens more, maybe even hundreds....all being censored and deplatformed.  

If public health officials really want to combat vaccine hesitancy, then have an open public forum and invite some of these individuals to speak.  Rather than engaging in intellectually weak ad hominem attacks, confront their opinions and the data and facts they're presenting....rather than just censoring them for being guilty of thought crime.  

Science isn't really a thing, it's more of a process of evolving evidence.  What is believed to be true today can later be found to be false.  Lots of drugs are approved after being deemed safe and effective, only later to be taken off the market when dangers are discovered, some after 2 or 3 years, sometimes 5 years, and sometimes decades.  The older set knows about Thalidomide of course, but for many that's ancient history, something that could never happen again.  

Here's 10 that are far more recent for those who want to read some more.  Many post the year 2000.  

10 dangerous drugs recalled by the FDA

Monday, July 5, 2021

Restoring Canadian Democracy - Are we winning or losing?

Are we winning or losing?

I just saw a post on Facebook from a friend in British Columbia, a simple proclomation of": "WE WON"!!! I was wondering if the Canadiens had managed a win against Tampa, or if it was a personal victory against a lockdown ticket.
From the comments I'm inferring that it's in reference to BC lifting the so called 'state of emergency' and ending things like masking mandates. Other parts of the country like where I am of course, we're still living with draconian and overreaching measures that violate both the constitution and the charter of rights and freedoms.
Any victory that restores our God given freedom should of course be welcomed, but we've been fighting battles that never should have been needed. Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms lays it out plainly in the preamble, one single sentence which says:
Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law....
The word "supremacy" means just that....supremacy, that God is Supreme. It strikes me that for the past 15 months (longer actually, but the past 15+ months in particular) we've ignored this simple fact.
Our freedom to assemble, worship, operate a lawful business, travel ....these are rights that come not from government, but from God. These rights can be limited the Charter says, in the case of a justifiable emergency....and back in March 2020 we were told that such an emergency was unfolding.
After hearing in January and February of 2020 that Covid was nothing to worry about, suddenly in March the script changed. Now we were told that 200,000 Canadians would be dying as a direct result of this virus in the first year, on top of the ususal deaths that occur. Instead of 295,000 deaths we'd be approaching half a million just in the first 12 months.
That was if we did nothing. But even with lockdown measures it was still going to be 100,000 excess deaths, directly caused by Covid in the first year. Even with shuttering, businesses, schools and vital life saving support services for the marginalized and vulnerable, even with all that we were going to be lining up eight deep to get a critical care bed in our ICUs.
Two weeks to flatten the curve?
Some of us knew that was never in the cards. Viruses spread, it's what they do, germs are ubiquitous. Closing everything down would invite the Zombie Apocolypse. Hosptials had to stay open, retirment homes and LTCs couldn't just be closed, Fire, police, sanitation, water treatment, the electrical grid and internet connectivity....all the workers in these industries would be out and about, transit and gas to get them to and from work was also needed.
A lot of dim bulbs have said we should have just shut everything down, forced everyone to stay in their homes. It's the kind of low resolution thinking usually expressed by double digit IQ types who think the supply chain is as simple as a light switch that you just flick off and then back on.....real life is obviously more complicated.
Besides, the science was wrong....incredibly wrong. SARS-CoV-2 we found out is not the major health threat it was made out to be. Overwhelmingly the only people getting seriously ill and dying were those who were already in that state to begin with.....people who would be compromised by ANY virus or bacterial infection.
That's borne out by the numbers. Roughly 16 months in and less than 4% of Canadians have even tested positive for this thing. Over a year down the road of living with a virus that is reported to be spreading like wildfire, and more than 95% of Canadians haven't even tested positive for it. And that's using a PCR tests that gives off false positives "nearly half the time" as per Ontario's Associate Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Barbara Yaffe.
There never was an emergency, but don't tell that to the Covid Karens and Karls who have been traumatized by fear. They're convinced the only reason they're still alive and breathing, that it's because we locked down....they can't let go. These mensa drop outs look at people lining up at a hot dog stand outside without masks on and they start hyperventalating.
Canada, like most of the western world was founded on what can broadly be termed the Judeo Christian ethic. On the belief that there is a God, and ulimate good. But we've been chipping away at the foundation of our society for decades. Lately it strikes me that we've taken a jack hammer to the very foundation of our society.
It's now believed by many that this earth, the universe as a whole, that it's simply a random accident. Science has put forth the theory of the big bang, of energy and matter just blub blub blub....floating around in space, and then by some accdident that life magically came into being.
It's interesting to me that people use science to contradict science. Louis Pasteur conducted experiments which have so far proven that spontaneous generation (life out of nothing) is impossible. Nobody has been able to disprove the fact that only life begats life. As for evolution, that flies in the face of the laws of thermodynamics respecting entropy....that things decay, devolution is what science says happens, not evolution.
But crazy or not, it's what many believe....our educational system has been indoctinating our youth for over 50 years with this thinking, and it's accelerating.
What does it mean if there is no God? If there is not God then logic dictates that there is no ultimate truth, no ultimate right and wrong. Human systems of law become fluid, there is nothing fixed. We're sailing in ancient times without the North Star to guide the the ship that is our society.
This is our new reality. Everyone is encouraged to find "THEIR" personal truth, because there is no unifying central truth anymore. And it makes us easy to manipulate, because rather than having that North Star to guide us we start worshipping individuals.....and human beings are anything but divine.
Today's saints are tomrrow's demons. Women who were venerated for advocating for the rights of women are now burned at the stake if they dare believe that a man can't declare himself a woman and use the women's locker room at the local fitness centre. A 5 year old boy who sees his mother and father paying more attention to a developmentally challanged sister can declare that he's a girl and society has to affirm his choice.
And now, if Dr. Theresa Tam says something, she has to be believed and followed with the same reverence that scriptural wisdom used to command. Every time she's wrong, she hides behind data and says "the science has changed, it's evolved" and society has been conditioned, like a Pavlovian dog, to salivate at her feet and listen to whatever bell she's ringing.
Have "we won"? Nope, we're losing and we're going to keep losing so long as we put our faith in flawed and corrupted government officials, and that includes health officials. The Dr Hinshaws, Yaffes, Williams, Henrys and all the rest.
It includes our judicial branch as well. Asked to provide proof of the state of emergency justifying these life destroying measures, the health officials have constantly refused, and the men and women behind the benches have bowed low and let them get away with it.
There is victory to be had in the end of course, but not by putting faith in flawed men and women, forget Trudeau and O'Toole....and Trump and his crew as well. Victory comes only through God, something society used to broadly accept and at least acknowledge, but not any more.
We haven't won, we've been granted a reprieve. Like that older sibling who delights in dunking you, forcing your head under water....then after struggling lets you up to grab a few mouthfuls of air before plunging you under again.
Ultimate victory only comes when we put ourselves into relationship with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It's something I'm still working at, and it isn't easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Why are so many masked faces spewing racist invecitves? They're scared

First some context, I live in Northumberland County which is in Eastern Ontario.  It's farming country, orchard land.  If you've been out this way you not doubt have seen The Big Apple complete with it's yellow mask as you drive along the 401.  It is also overwhelmingly white, and we have our share of racists out here.  

Maybe the mask on that Apple should be replaced with a white hood?

Like everywhere Northumberland County has a lot of frightened people, terrified of catching this Covid bug.  They're easy to identify, they're the ones walking alone outside, nobody within 100 metres and they're masked up.  That or they're driving alone in their cars with a mask on, even if it's a convertible.  

And you see them at the dog park, something of a local gathering place out here, although now it's restricted to no more than 5 people at a time.  When the conversation invariablly turns to Covid, because it always does, you can bet that some masked up face will start complaining about "those people" from places like Brampton, Mississauga, or some other part of the GTA.  

This is what fear does to people, they show off their true colours.  Those who either refuse to wear a mask, or who only put one on when absolutely required are a far more tolerant bunch.  That's because we're not irrationally afraid, not of Covid, and not of "those people" from the GTA.  

They do it politiely, they don't use blatantly offensive terms, but we all know the dog whistles they blow.  It's because "those" people don't share our values about health and safety, how "they" live differently with so many generation in one household.  

Please save it, if you're frightened of Covid stay in your basements and spew your hateful garbage at the wall.  If it wasn't for the trucking and warehousing industry where many of "these people" work there wouldn't be food on the grocery shelves, even out in the lily white parts of the province.  

Be kind, and if you can't be kind...then stay home. 

Friday, April 23, 2021

Facebook allows the spreading of false information on Covid-19 Vaccines...

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that social media is an ocean of ignorance, almost any theory or belief, you can find people claiming to have definitive proof.  Dr. Tam and Michelle Obama are men, Joe Biden is an alien, John F. Kennedy didn't die and is living somewhere in Antarctica....whatever.

In point of fact I don't care most of the time. Whether the earth is round or a dome covered disc, (or a flat rectangle) has zero impact on my life.  Same with the moon landing, whether we've been there or if the whole thing was staged, the impact on me and basically everyone I know is zero.  

"What"???  "The moon landing was faked"???  "That's it, cancel the cottage this summer, we're staying home now"!!!  

The Covid-19 vaccines though, that's another matter.  There is a lot of false information being spread around, both by those who are either opposed or skeptical, as well as with those who either have had it,  or can't wait to roll up their sleeves.

Sadly, in today's world most people are completely ignorant of what science actually is.  For many people they think it's a yes or no answer, something that is either right or wrong.  "What does the science say"?  This common question is most often posed by those who haven't the foggiest idea of how to even define science.  

Science is not a yes or no, it is not a simple right or wrong determination.  Science is a process, and it is evolving constantly.  That which is accepted as true today can later be seen as false with the emergence of new evidence, and then it can go back to true with newer and better evidence.  Science is rarely ever "settled". 

Let's talk about the Covid-19 Vaccines

My facebook account has been suspended for 24 hours.  It wasn't because I shared false information, it was because I called out someone's ignorance about these shots.  Pointing out someone ignorantly sharing false information is justification for a stay in Facebook Jail according to our technocratic masters.  

Here is the false information being shared that I responded to:  

No vaccine on Earth has ever had "Long term side-effects". They do their job, then the body disposes of them.  There is no such thing as a DNA vaccine. The mRNA vaccine does not teach the immune system how to build a virus. It simply introduces a pathogen that prompts an immune response.

That false information is still up, my response was deleted and I've been banned from posting for 24 hours because of this reply:  

No words for this level of for me one other vaccine that has sent spike building instructions for your cells, or instructions to build any component of any virus.
Saying that all vaccines are the same is like saying all pain medication is the same, so shut up and take your Oxycontin and don't worry about it....if you think it's incredibly addictive with the very real potential for overdoses, then you're a conspiracy theorist.

Is it true that no vaccine has ever had "Long term side-effects"?  No it is not, the rushed Swine Flu vaccine of 1975 was withdrawn for precisely that reason.  There are loads of scientific papers and articles on it, but for those who like things in an easier to digest format, here is 60 Minutes reporting on what happened, and their indictment of the profit driven Pharmaceutical Industry.  

And it is also absolutely 100% true that all the Covid-19 vaccines are the first ever agents authorized that send instructions into the human body telling our cells how to construct the component of a virus, in this case the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein.  

Informed consent requires that ALL information be shared, not just that which encourages a desired behaviour.  These vaccines have already showed clinically documented risks of blood clotting, severe allergic reactions, bell's palsy, and in the case of a recent study out of Israel, the potential to potentially increase the risk of getting Covid rather than reducing it.  

None of these shots has completed its clinical trial.  Moderna's will be the first to finish with an estimated study completion date of October 27, 2022.  Pfizer's is slated to be completed in January of 2023, AstraZeneca's in February of 2023.

The risks of adverse events and deaths is said to be very rare, but then for younger healthy people, having a serious case of Covid is also rare.  But with all that being said, if someone decides to roll up their sleeve after being made aware of ALL the facts, that should obviously be their right.  The old: "My body, My Choice" slogan certainly applies here, and equally so for those who wish to decline.