Saturday, December 4, 2021

Breakthrough infections exploding in Ontario's vaccinated population as the shots fail to do their job

Colder temperatures have arrived in Ontario and with them a sharp spike in the number of people testing positive as being infected with the novel coronavirus, inluding hundreds every day of people who thought they'd been immunized.  

These are frequently described as "breakthrough cases", another term I've heard is "immune escape".  Everyone knows that viruses mutate, it's why influenzas are endemic.  They never go away.  The annual flu shots are said to only provide partial protection to some.  It looks like these Covid-19 vaccines are even less effective than the annual flu shot.  

In 2018 Statistics Canada says that 8,511 people died from flu, the sixth leading cause of death that year.  That was without conducting tens of millions of PCR tests and then including any death "with" influenza as a death "from" influenza.  So comparing flu and covid is basically apples to oranges because we never tested for flu the way we have for covid. 

On today's date (Saturday Dec 4/2020) Ontario reported a total of 1,053 infections, with 499 of them being fully vaccinated with two or three doses, 25 partially vaccinated with one shot.  The remainder are people who are either unvaccinated or who have an unknown vaccination status, 469 and 60 respectively. On Friday the province reported 442 infections among the fully vaccinated and 27 cases of partially vaccinated people.  On Thurday it was 429 fully and 23 partially.   

That's brings the total of fully vaccinated people infected with the disease they were supposed to have been immunized against to 1,370 cases, and another 108 in people who were said to have partial protection.  And that's just the past three days.  

And while it is true that most of Ontario's eligible population is said to be fully protected, (over 80% of the eligible population) most of the testing being done is on the unvaccinated.  Fully immunized people are not required to submit to regular testing the way the unvaccinated are.  The only logical reason for a fully vaccinated person to decide to go and get tested is if they're sick and displaying symptoms.  

What sane person would subject themselve's to a nasal colonostopy for a disease they're supposed to be immunized against unless they were ill?  

Saturday's reporting said that the results were from over 36K tests that had been completed over the previous 24 hour period.  And while the province doesn't give a breakdown of those being tested by vaccination status I think it's reasonable to assume that 90% of them or so are unvaccinated.  If that assumption is accurate it would mean about 3.6K vaccinated people being tested and about 32.4K tests being done on the unvaccinated.  

That would mean Friday showed a positiivty rate of almost 14% amongst fully vaccinated people and just 1.4% or so of unvaccinated people.  Assumptions would not be necessary if the province would simply provide the data.  But if my assumptions are correct then publishing data that shows the vaccines aren't working....and that they might in fact be making things worse, well that wouldn't help in reducing vaccine hesitancy.  In point of fact it would encourage heistancy and likely make people angry at the authorities who forced them to take the shots.  

And the hospitalization picture isn't any better either.  Ontario reports having 284 patients in  hospital who have tested positive for Covid-19, but only 90 of those 284 are reported to be unvaccinated.  That is just 32% of the total, just under one third.  The remaining 68% are either fully or partially vaccinated, that or their status is unknown.  

That is another curious thing about the reporting.  In Ontario you can't sit down in Tim Hortons without showing proof of vaccination.  And yet there are a reported 118 people in Ontario with covid for whom we  have no vaccination status.  It makes me wonder if these people have dogs eating their health cards?

The fact that there are 118 patients with an unknown vaccination status does help to paint a better picture however for suggesting that the vaccines may have some benefit.  By showing a pie chart that only includes the patients with a known status it makes it "appear" that most of the people in hospital are unvaccinated.....

You can see the reporting on the Ontario Covid portal page, but note that the numbers are updated each day at 10:30 am, so the numbers will change tomorrow from what I've included here.  But I've noted that this large number of patients with health card eating dogs is a constant factor.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Calgary Police Officer issues warning to Canadians - You think we're near the end? This is only the beginning

A member of the Calgary Police has posted a video to social media that has gone totally viral with over four thousand views on facebook in just an hour or two.  It has over one thousand postive reactions (likes/loves etc) and nearly 300 comments so far.  

I can't embed the video but it's publicly available on Facebook at the following linked address:

And you can also view it on Twitter here:

The warning is harsh medicine for people worn out by all the emergency measures and yearning for a return to something at least resembling the old normal.  Like many others I've been saying much the same things as this constqable right from the very start, but I'm nobody.  This miserable and pathetic little blog gets only a couple hundred views a day, on a good day maybe a thousand.  

Hearing it from someone in a police uniform though helps lend credibility in my opinion.  Especially for those just starting to question things, people who've had a nagging feeling for months now that something just isn't right, that things just haven't been adding up. 

He makes reference to Nazi Germany, which most people think was about persecuting Jews.  What many fail  to realize is that it wasn't just the Jews who were persecuted but the entire German population.  Everyone in Germany lost their God given rights and freedoms.  The Jews were simply targetted for harsher measures to distract the rest of the citizenry from their slowly encroaching enslavement, to keep them from realizing that their very way of life was being completely torn down.  

Singling out Jews for harsher persecution played well because of pervasive antisemetic sentinment which existed not just in Germany but in all of Europe and across the world.  Back then people felt about Jews the way many people feel about so called "antivaxxers" now.  The only thing different now is that it's not just people who refuse all vaccinations being labelled with the prejorative slur of antivaxxer.  

Now an antivaxxer includes people who've had every single vaccine ever made available.  Every one except this Covid shot that was rushed into people's arms at warp speed that has proven to be both ineffective and potentially harmful.   

I know that contradicts the messaging that many people now believe with an almost religious like fervor.  The line that the Covid vaccines have undergone extensive testing and have proven to be both incredibly safe and effective has become a cult like article of faith.  Anyone who dares question it is hit with the antivaxxer slur and is deemed a heretic worthy of being burned at the stake.  

But leaving aside the fact that the vaccines don't work, (over 1,000 breakthrough infections over the past three days just in Ontario, with most of the testing being done on the unvaccinated, not the vaxxed) this police officer is 100% bang on the money when he tells  you that this is only the beginning.  If you think the authorities have any plans to return life back to anything close to what it was before....

Folks, Fantasy Island was a television show from the 1970s.  I'm here to tell you the architects of this whole Covid agenda are never going to allow a return to normal, or anything close to it.  And even if every man woman and child woke up to what is really going on, we still wouldn't be going back.  That's because the faith and trust in the institutions that underpin our very society would be completely destroyed.  

Klaus Schwab and his Davos Switzerland cronies with the World Economic Forum, where all the powerful wealthy elites gather to plot out the course of world affairs, they are all in on this Great Reset Agenda.  But even if enough people were to rise up and defeat it, there would still be a reset coming, it just wouldn't be the one the Bill Gates types have planned.  

Listen to the video, the officer is not an antivaxxer, he's opposed to this specific injection.  Yes it is ineffective.  Most people have had their MMR shot.  When was the last time you heard of 1,000 people in Ontario being infected with measels over just a three day period as just happened?  

And please don't be fooled into thinking that the number of vaccinated people getting infected is because most of the population has rolled up their sleeves.  Most of the testing being done is on the unvaccinated, often required to submit to regular testing specifically because they've declined.  

Those who are vaccinated have no reason to be tested unless they're feeling sick.  What sane person would want to have an applicator shoved deep into their nasal cavity to see if they have a disease they're supposed to be immunized against?  There's only one reason and that's because they are ill.  Unvaccinated people who are perfectly healthy have to submit to tests all the time.  

It doesn't end unless enough of us stand up and say no.  

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Over 1,000 fully vaccinated people succomb to breakthrough infections over the past 3 days in Ontario

Ontario reported a total of 959 newly identified Covid cases on Thursday December 2nd with 429 of that total being in people who were fully vaccinated against Covid.  The number of breakthrough cases reported the two days previous was over 300 each day bringing the three day total to over 1,000 for infections amongst the fully vaccinated.  

While it is true that over 80% of the overall eligible population has been vaccinated, those who've rolled up their sleeves two or three times are not subjected to mandatory testing the way the unvaccinated are.  

The province doesn't report positivity rates based on vaccination status, which is curious given that they have the data.  Simple logic dictates that the vast majority of vaccinated people would not subject themselves to an invasive and highly uncomforatable PCR test unless they were feeling sick, while the unvaccinated are often required to.  

I can only guess, but I would bet that when 30,000 people get tested, that just 10% or so, or about 3,000 are fully vaccinated, the other 27,000 would be among the few million who have thus far not given in and taken the needles.  If the province would publish the data of course I wouldn't have to guess.  If my estimation is right though it  would mean a positivity rate of 10-15% amongst the vaccinated and just around 1% of the unvaccinated.  

I won't hold my breath though.  If the data were to show that the vaccinated are getting infected at rates significantly higher than the unvaxxed, then it would contradict all the talking points about the effectivness of these innoculations.  And we're living in an age where talking points trump science, data and facts.  

Right from the start there were eminently qualified world reknowned experts in vaccinology who said that what is happening would happen.  That trying to vaccinate into a pandemic wouldn't work and that it would only make things worse.  

The current crop of vaccines isn't working with the current variants obviously, and now there's this new Omicron variant that is just starting to show up in Canada.  If a new immunization comes out for Omicron, by the time needles start going into arms there will assuredly be another variant, and another and another.  

You don't need a PHD in virology to know that viruses mutate, it's what they do.  The only conceivable way that vaccinating into a pandemic could work would be if it were possible to inject probably 80% of the world's population within a very short window of time.  Even moving at warp speed that isn't possible.  It can't be done in days, weeks or months, not even in years.  Not with nearly 8 billion people on the planets and global travel.  Shut down travel completely and you'll blow up the global supply chain, if that happens some little virus would be the least of anyone's worries.  

Simple common sense says, (as it has from the start) that we're just going to have to live with this SARS-CoV-2 virus the same way we deal with deadly influenza outbreaks.  But governemnts and health officials won't do that because this has never been about protecting health, quite the oppositie.  And the vaccines will continue to be forced into people's arms even though they don't work, because these injections have nothing to do with preventing the spread of a bug that is mostly benign for better than 99% of the population.  

Most people won't see that though, the collective IQ has been so decimated that when science, data, facts and even common sense contradict political talking points, the overwhelming majority of the population defaults to the talking points.  So for that blindly trusting majority I will say that the covid vaccines are safe and effective, so enjoy getting your injections until the virus or the vaccines themselves kill you.  

86 Stillbirths in Waterloo Region over a time frame that should only have seen about 12

Chatham Kent MPP Rick Nicholls recently asked Ontario's Health Minister Christine Elliot what testing was done to ensure the safety of pregnant women and their unborn children who've been vaccinated with the Covid-19 shots.  

He cited statistics showing that the Waterloo Region had reported 86 stillbirths from January to July of this year, compared to normal rates of just one or two per month seen in previous years.  One key difference between 2021 and previous years of course is that all the stillbirths were experienced by women who've gotten the Covid injections, injections that weren't available in previous years. 

The health minister didn't even acknowledge the facts being presented.  As is so often the case Minister Elliot dodged the question and went straight to her talking points, citing the familiar lines about extensive testing and safety we've all heard before. She might as well have just read the marketing material provided by a Pfizer salesperson.  

You can view the exchange here from the Twitter account of an outfit called 'The People's Media'.