Sunday, July 22, 2012

Higgs Boson - Looking at God, and in the mirror

I want to start this off by stating categorically that I am not a scientist, in fact I consider myself as having anything but a scientific mind.  As such what I am about to write is pure and unadulterated fiction...uhm, let's make that Fiction with the F capitalized.

I did not excel in the maths and sciences during my academic career, in fact I failed math twice in high school.  So why do I feel compelled to write about the discovery of the Higgs Boson or so called 'God Particle'?  Simple, I believe that this discovery will turn out to be at least as significant as the invention of the wheel, perhaps even more significant.

Higgs Boson, dark matter, quantum-physics, the law of attraction.  
A few years back a video and book called 'The Secret' made a big splash.  It talked about something called the law of attraction.  The creators of 'The Secret' contended that human thought has the ability to affect the physical world.  In other words people could change their lives by using concerted and concentrated thought.

I believe it, without doubt, without hesitation and without reservation.  And the discovery the Higgs Boson particle I believe plays a part.  

Don't ask me to explain matter, to describe atoms and molecules...I told you, mine is not a scientific mind.  All I know is that they're infinitely small and that water is expressed as H20, the H representing hydrogen and the letter O representing oxygen. Water is a mix of hydrogen and oxygen, with one of them having two atoms or molecules and I guess the other one, like I said I sucked at maths and sciences in school.  

The only reason I've retained the knowledge of water's atomic make-up is that people sometimes say, 'give me a glass of aitch two oh'.

But why do hydrogen and oxygen mix together is this fashion? Why do atoms and molecules bother joining together anyway? Why don't all these ultra teeny tiny little particles just flit about the universe willy nilly?  Scientists are telling us that its because of the Higgs Boson, this even smaller than ultra teeny tiny particle, so minuscule in size  that its smaller than an atom, its sub-atomic.  

Scientists are also talking how it may lead to the discovery and possibly even capture of so-called 'dark matter'.  Now this shit starts to get really interesting, and I'm not being facetious, not one Higgs Boson little bit.

Dark matter is stuff we can't see, and what's more scientists say it can be here one second and then totally disappear.  There is quite possibly, and personally I don't believe it to be a possibility but a reality,  a complete other universe right in front of us, parallel if you like, that's invisible but that affects our own.

And here's where God and the mirror come in.

I believe that things like the Higgs Boson and Dark Matter are the result of human thought, both conscious and subconscious.  In other words there is no exterior creator or God, we are the creators.  I also believe that there are individuals who know and have known this to at least some degree, people that have been able to use this power, in a limited but significant way to their general advantage.

I now believe that humankind as a whole is on the verge of tapping into and exploiting the most powerful force in the universe. My fear is that we're not ready.

The reason is simple.  If thought has the ability to affect the material world, then whose thoughts will prevail?  We live in a world that is both hyper connected and hyper competitive.  

Whose wants, needs and desires win out?  Humans divide themselves from their brothers and sisters so many ways its almost hard to categorize them all.  By nationality, race, culture, religion, socioeconomic class...even along family lines as well as by gender.

Whose agenda will win?  We're already in constant competition over so many things with the tangible tools at our disposal, often leading to armed conflict.  Its not hard to imagine competing visions of our world battling with one another, with the destruction off all being the result.

Then again, maybe I'm totally out to lunch on this thing.  After all, mine is not a scientific mind.

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