Saturday, June 23, 2012

My first summer living in Québec City

This will be my first summer residing in Québec, and soon my kids will be here for ten days.  I can't wait.

I've visited beautiful Québec City often, five times alone for winter carnival, but this will be my first summer actually living here and I plan on being very busy.  I've bought a bike and already I've made good use of the path that winds its way all the down from the Laurentians north of the city, right to the downtown.  I'm lucky in that I live less than 10 kms from work, so whether driving or biking it takes me just 20 minutes, I prefer to cycle.

So far my plans for the summer include a day at Valcartier Vacation Village, a water park with enough slides that if they were placed end to end, they would reach PEI.  Actually I don't think there are that many slides, and they're not that long, but that's what I've been telling the kids.

Of course we'll be going downtown, to the old city and to the Citadel, to soak up some history.  Québec is North America's only entirely walled city, and the Citadel is an old fort built and fortified by the British after their conquest of New France.

There will be horse back riding, going tree to tree up near my place where you zip line and cross miles of bridges with your feet never touching the ground, Mount Morency Falls and some hiking through the small canyons.  I don't know if ten days will be enough.  Sainte Anne de Beaupré, Orleans Island, Lévis, a day at the ball park watching the Québec City Capitals of the independent Can-Am league, we might even get to see José Canseco who plays in the Can-Am because there's no drug testing.  

If it rains there's a shopping mall with an amusement park inside which includes a roller coaster, or perhaps a day at the aquarium to see some sharks.

Have I mentioned I can't wait?  

I'll be leaving the GTA with Big brother basketball star and the Princess Raspberry early in July.  They're both in French Immersion which means they'll be getting the chance to put what they've learned in school to practical use.  Should I be worried that they'll read my blog and that they won't be surprised?   Nah, like most people they never read Canadian Soapbox.  

Who knows though, after this summer they might start.

Bon été tout le monde!!!

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