Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stephen Harper finally delivering - Canada becoming the 51st state

For long time followers of Stephen Harper it will be gratifying to see him finally delivering on at least one long held belief. After so many broken promises and compromises in an attempt to broaden his electoral appeal, our Conservative Prime Minister is now poised to hand over key decision making powers to our southern neighbours. You can read about it here: Globe and Mail here: All Voices and here: Toronto Sun.

That Harper admires the United States, and especially the conservative element therein, is no secret. Back in 1997 he made this now famous quote to a visiting American think tank:

Well Stephen, its about frickin' time!!! Maybe now Canadians will finally see fit to give you a majority mandate so you can pursue your Libertarian ideals without having to concern yourself with a meddlesome opposition. You'll be able to treat Parliament as a whole the way you treat your own Conservative caucus, as a prop.

The House of Commons is, after all, nothing more than a pale imitation of the US electoral college as you have stated before. The job of the electoral college in the US is to elect the US president based on the results of a federal election, and then they can basically screw off for another 4 years.

We can have an election, Conservatives will have a majority of the seats thus giving you, their elected leader, the Prime Minister's office. And with your centralized leadership style you'll be free to reign in much the same fashion as a US president. Should another war like Iraq come along, you'll be free to commit Canadian troops as you would have done when GW Bush was asking for Canada's involvement.

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