Thursday, December 9, 2010

$3 million later Feds might have plan to discourage smoking. Bigger warning labels

No wonder Stephen Harper is having difficulty keeping his fiscally conservative supporters happy, stories like this just keep cropping up.

In this Canadian Press wire story its reported that the Feds have spent over $3 million dollars with an eye to requiring cigarette packages to have bigger and more explicit warning labels, or maybe not. It seems the decision is still pending, with the Health Minister denying claims that the labels have been shelved.

$3 million!!! And they really think warning labels will convince smokers like me to quit??? Time for Stephen Harper's government to take $1 million out of petty cash and buy a clue. Warning labels do nothing. Reading stories like this has me wondering what Stephen and his merry band are smoking themselves, and I don't think its cigarettes.

News flash guys, smokers...we know smoking is bad. You can print all the warning labels you want, its not going to work. In the same article it talks about using social media like Twitter and Facebook to discourage smoking. How much is that gonna cost?

Everyone who smokes has heard how bad it is, got it. There might be a Saskatchewan wheat farmer who's been glued to his tractor for the last 40 years who hasn't heard, but I'm betting he doesn't use Twitter.

You can tweet and poke all you like guys, and spend countless millions more. I guess the government isn't really worried about the record setting deficit it just racked up, its business as usual in Ottawa.

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