Tuesday, August 4, 2009

U.S. Blogger wants to know what Canadian Health Care is really like...

I received an email yesterday from Bill Campbell, an American blogger who has taken it upon himself to solicit input on publicly funded health care systems in countries like Canada and Britain. He has decided to dedicate his blog, Tome of the Unknown Writer to uncovering the truth about different models for health care delivery.

His email simply asks that Canadians, Brits etc...that we provide him with: "stories, opinions, feelings about our own health care system". He asks that instead of the comment section being used, that respondents send him their stories which he'll publish on his blog. I've already sent him my contribution, emailing him at wmrcampbell at gmail.com.

Americans deserve to hear some straight facts, something sadly lacking right now as interested parties are doing everything in their power to cloud the issues. The amount of money at stake here is astronomical, and vested interests will do all they can to prevent any meaningful reform. The reluctance to change isn't borne out of any altruistic motive of course, industry players like insurance companies are merely looking to protect their bottom lines.

Canada's system is far from perfect, we all know that. Yes there are waiting lists for certain procedures, and in some areas there is an acute shortage of doctors. But for the vast majority I believe our system works very well, something I'm not sure can be said for our American friends concerned with loss of coverage when changing jobs or not being covered for pre-existing conditions.

If you have some time send this gentleman your thoughts and experiences. We can't leave it all to Jack Layton and the Huffington Post.

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