Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Michael Ignatieff - The smear campaign continues

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has been keeping a low profile this summer, that much we know. The question as to why has been asked repeatedly, and there's plenty of speculation on that front. Maybe he's trying to discover who the cowards are behind some blatant smear attacks?

At least with the Conservative, "He's just in for himself" ads, Iggy knows exactly where the fire is coming from. But in the case of the republicansforinatieff.com web site, or more recently with news of the mailing of a 4 year old New Humanist article to the Ottawa press gallery, the parties responsible are too spineless to take ownership of their deeds.

My own opinion is that these efforts emanate from supporters of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whether personally sanctioned by the PM or not. Mr. Harper could do the honourable thing and denounce those responsible, but that's not something I'll hold my breath for. When it comes to integrity versus political expediency, I think most Canadians know where our PM stands. For those unsure just ask all the senators Harper recently appointed.

My own best guess as to the reason for Ignatieff's low profile is that the Liberal leader is keeping his powder dry for the real fight, our next election. While Conservatives and their supporters may have oodles of cash for these trailer park games, the Liberals are only just getting their financial house solidified for our next trip to the polls.

It will be interesting to see if the Liberals decide to stick to the high road, or perhaps decide the best course is to join Stephen Harper and the Conservatives in the mud. Who knows, maybe the pooping puffin will even make a return?

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