Friday, August 28, 2009

The Ultimate Canadian Guy Song...Pay Attention Ladies

Sometimes this blog, like most of the political variety, can get far too serious. Every now and again a person needs a break, and music can be a great tonic. With that in mind here's a favourite little ditty that I came across about a year ago.

Talk about the ultimate male bonding experience. What could be better than mud, machinery and muscle? Women seeking to understand the male mind would do well to pay extra attention, note taking might be in order.

Get a bunch of guys together with a mutual problem and the experience can be heart warming, just don't expect a lot of communication. We love getting dirty and trying to fix things, success is nice but it isn't essential. Guys, we don't get emotional, we might get angry or exasperated...but there's not gonna be a lot of talking going on.

Notice all the guys pulling up in their comes by with two men and a woman. They don't help out, but the guys probably would have...if there weren't a lady present. I bet they were dying to get in there.

Okay...I'm running for cover now ;-)

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