Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Blog Has More FaceBook Followers Than...Rick Mercer's???

As many bloggers know Facebook has an application called NetworkedBlogs. For those who weren't aware it shouldn't come across as a big surprise, after all FaceBook has an application for EVERYTHING!!! I bet there's even one for 'Proper Toe Nail Clipping Techniques'....okay, maybe not. But there is one to help you determine which Tellitubbie you I haven't added it, I just checked for the dumbest one I could find and there it was.

Okay, after typing that last line I went and did the know, morbid curiosity. Turns out I'm 'Dipsy'....okay, the name seems about right. Which one is that anyway? Tell me its not the gay one...not that I have a problem with homosexual children's TV characters.

Now what was I writing about originally? Oh blog, Canadian Soapbox. I have more FaceBook followers than Rick Mercer's blog, and no I'm not making this up either. I have 24 followers on Facebook, while Rick Mercer only has 18!!!

Here...check for yourself: Canadian Soapbox Link, Rick Mercer's Blog Link

Of course keep in mind that those were the numbers, (24 vs 18) when I entered this post at about 5:30 PM on Thursday April 9th. I can just see it now, my followers are going to stop following me and start following Mr. 'I get to interview Michael Ignatieff and go skinny dipping with Bob Rae'. On top of that I'm one of the 18 following Rick Mercer's blog, but Mr Bigtime Canadian Showbiz hasn't bothered to follow mine!!!

And while I'm shamelessly plugging other blogs....I should mention Random Thoughts of a Fat Guy. That blog has 53 FaceBook followers. Hrrmmmmmm, obviously the number of followers doesn't tell you very much. That or maybe Rick Mercer and I need to put on some weight.

I'm still tweeting away on Twitter as CanukGord for those who wish to follow me there...21 and counting. I'm going to have a shower now, I feel so dirty.

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