Monday, April 13, 2009

Haven't seen The Hannah Montana Movie? If you have a young daughter you will

My daughter is 4, so like a lot of parents I took her to see the new Hannah Montana movie on Friday...opening night. We got there half an hour early, and still ended up about 8 rows from the front, and off to the side to boot. If this little review comes across as a tad on the harsh side, please realize that its probably the result of my aching neck.

Not that my opinion counts for anything, to a pre-teen girl it will be as meaningful as my political commentary...but none the less here goes. I'll start with what I liked, seeing as it amounted to one scene. The 'Hoedown Throwdown' song is a toe tapper and Princess Raspberry (my 4 year old) was doing her best to: 'Pop it, lock it, polka dot it'....she got a little lost with the zig-zag and shuffling in diagonal...but it was cute as all get out.

I've seen enough of the show to understand the concept, Hannah and Miley, best of both worlds, teen sensation gets to lead an ordinary life with her dual persona....but this movie tries to make Hannah out as something of a super hero. Like Spider-Man fighting Doc Oc, Miley gives a concert and removes her wig (big gasp)....she can't do Hannah anymore. But the crowd tells her the world needs Hannah Montana, and that they'll keep her secret. The world needs Hannah Montana??? Why!?!? Of course I know why, this was the best the writers could do when trying to come up with a story line for a sure fire box office smash.

But rave review or total hatchet job, it doesn't matter. Every girl aged 3 to 13 is going to go see this movie...and many of the older ones as well. My 10 year old son was there as well, and he secretly liked the movie...just don't tell his friends. If your daughter or niece isn't yet old enough to go her own then there's a good chance you'll be going along it or not.

Actually it wasn't that bad, I've seen worse...Underdog springs immediately to mind. Besides, if it wasn't for Hannah Montana who among us would remember Billy Ray Cyrus aside from trivia buffs? Oh, if you want to practice the "Hoedown Throwdown" here's a video clip...nothing will turn your princess of a song quicker than seeing her parents trying to shake it like its 1999.

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