Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Give Me Your Thoughts On Obama - In Six Words

I've just put up April's polling question, asking readers how Barack Obama is measuring up to their expectations. I'd also like to generate some feedback via the comment section, but I've decided to throw in a small twist. I'm asking those who post a comment here, to use exactly six words in describing their thoughts on the new U.S. president.

I'd love to take credit for this idea, asking people to post their thoughts using just six words, but actually I've borrowed it from "Six Word Memoirs". That's a site that asks people to tell the world their story, in just six words. Some of them are hilarious, like this one:

"Mother in law joined Facebook...F##K"!!!

I'll start the ball rolling by posting my six word assessment first:

"Elected president, now a car salesman".

Yeah I know, its pretty lame. I'm betting there are readers and other bloggers out there who will top it no problem: No limitations, I don't censor and if you think of more than one feel free to comment away as often as you want.

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