Monday, February 26, 2018

Why does Vic "Feel Her Up Fedeli" still have a job? Bombshell news...

Welcome to the matrix my friends.  

I've never actually seen any of the Matrix movies from start to finish, but if I understand the premise correctly the idea is that what we, "the sheep" see as reality, that its all really just an illusion, designed to control and manipulate us.  

Independent minded Conservative party members may want to start asking some hard questions after I drop this little known about bombshell.  Do note my use of the words, "independent minded".  I am well aware that a lot of people simply pay attention to the news that they're told is important, and then mimic the talking points they've heard repeated over and over.  

Basically they're like the Storm Troopers in 'Star Wars - A New Hope', who totally miss what they're after because "these aren't the droids you're looking for".  A little wave of the mass media hand and their capacity for critical thinking goes to mush.

Enough pop culture references.  What's the news?

Allegations that interim leader Vic Fedeli sexually harassed a female worker at Queen's Park.  The accusation is anonymous, which is all that's needed we're told to completely necessitate blowing up Ontario's political landscape.  And these allegations include an email from an Eastern Ontario area lawyer.  Again, this isn't an allegation of misconduct, this is actual workplace harassment we're talking about.

This is out there, and it is being talked about....but nothing from the pablum news outfits most of the great unwashed rely on for their information.  

Thoroughly discredited and totally debunked allegations about Patrick Brown are still part of the daily news cycle.  But the current leader of Ontario's Progressive Conservative Party gets a pass?  Interesting to say the least.  

So CTV sees fit to air unsubstantiated and uncorroborated allegations about Patrick Brown without even bothering to disclose heinous and blatant breaches of journalistic ethics.  But a man who's been accused of basically feeling up a woman working at Queen's Park is completely ignored.

You can ask why, or you can just go back to watching Lisa LaFlamme and her yellow news organization totally destroy another innocent victim.  

The rabbitt hole of social media sites like Twitter are suggesting a possible settlement and non-disclosure agreement.  So how about it MSM, time to do some digging maybe? 

Some of the sheep want to know.

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