Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Welcome to Canada, where Omar Khadr has more rights than Patrick Brown....

Ontario pay attention, you are about to witness the complete and utter hijacking of democracy in this province.  Word is out that the committe charged with green lighting candidates for the leadership of Ontario's Progressive Conservative Party, that they are going to deny Patrick Brown permission to run for the position of party leader.

Canadian tax payers handed $10.5 million over to Omar Khadr.  Why?  Because as a citizen of this country (Omar is and was a Canadian born citizen) our federal government failed in its duties to protect his constitutional and charter rights.  From a legal perspective it was the right decision, no matter how distasteful it may have been.  Canadian citizens have rights, even if they are taken by their father to a foreign country to engage in a war against Canadian troops.

Omar Khadr has rights, but not Patrick Brown....at least accordinig to Ontario's Progressive Conservative Party if they prevent Mr. Brown from running for the party's leadership.

CTV news tossed its journalistic ethics into the trash bin by reporting a story that they hadn't fact checked.  They failed to disclose relationships between the accusers and CTV reporters.  They failed to report conflicting testimony from other individuals refuting the claims of the anonymous accusers.  Patrick Brown was left twisting in the wind by senior members of the PC Party and was forced to debunk these slanderous allegations all on his own.

He has done that and more, forcing CTV to withdraw key elements of its story and shining a light on the testimony of other individuals present. He even subjected himself to two polygraph tests, one done by a renowned expert with 40 years experience.  The verdict, that Patrick Brown exceeded all standards of truthfulness.  


Any fair minded person can see that Patrick Brown has opened up not just "reasonable" doubt, but an absolute MOUNTAIN of doubt.  He has pointedly told those making these accusations, that if they genuinely believe their stories have merit, to report it to the police.  He even provided the phone number to call.  They haven't.

Patrick Brown has cleared his name.

Now, will the PC Party of Ontario do for Patrick Brown what Canada's federal Liberal government did for Omar Khadr?  Will they recongnize the unjust treatment their former leader has been subjected to and allow him to put his name forward as a candidate for leadership of the party?  Will the committee charged with green lighting candidates allow PC Party members to pass final judgement?  Or will they rob party members of their democratic right as well?

If you're as angry as I am at this injustice there will be a rally Tues February 20th, that's today, at PC Party Headquarters, the address is 59 Adelaide Street East Toronto.  Supporters will be gathering at 6:30 PM. 

If you care about democracy and can make it please come.


Jay Farquharson said...

"Patrick Brown has cleared his name."


Gordon Cawsey said...

The committee obviously agreed that he has. Now its up to party members to decide, as it should be.