Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fox News North - It ain't about making $$$

The consensus opinion among many of what I'll call the 'progressive' community is that Sun TV's news service (dubbed Fox North by a few) will prove a money pit for its owners. Well yeah, that may very well prove to be true, but ultimately I don't think that's the point.

From where I sit its all about shaping political opinion in this country. Much to the consternation of many business interests, Canada is still a very liberal minded country. Witness the lack of support for the war in Afghanistan, and our unwillingness to join the US when they invaded Iraq. War is big business, huge business...think of all the money that stood to be made by some had Jean Chretien ceded to Dubya's request for Canada to send troops there in addition to those who were already serving in Afghanistan.

Flash back to 2003 when prominent Conservatives in this country were trying to rally support for the US invasion of Iraq. Would they have been more successful in swaying public opinion with a dedicated news service designed to air views akin to the maple syrup version of someone like Rush Limbaugh?

This isn't about dollars and cents, if it were I'm sure Quebecor and like minded conservatives could find a lower risk higher reward for their capital.

Corporate taxes are being lowered and kept low under the guise of helping business expand and ease high unemployment. That puts enormous stress on a public treasury struggling to fund programs like health care, the Canadian Forces, infrastructure....basically everything citizens rely on.

We're fortunate in this country to have an excellent educational system, it isn't perfect but it is damn good. Canadians (not all, but plenty) know well enough to look beyond the news, and to research those who are behind its dissemination.

For a prime example look at the media universe in the province of New Brunswick where basically all the newspapers, radio stations and TV newscasts are controlled by Irving Media Corp.

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