Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why Do Christians Support Harper's Conservatives?

Having been brought up in a Christian household I thought this might be as good a time as any to blog about something I've pondered for a while. That being the strong support Stephen Harper's Conservatives have with Canada's Christian community. It is Sunday after all, and even though the Bible commands followers to keep the 7th day (which is Saturday) holy, most have adopted the Roman tradition of Sunday as the day of observance. Sunday of course being in honour of the Sun, long worshipped by people the world over for thousands of years.

A quote I've heard attributed to Mark Twain goes: "If Jesus were alive today, he wouldn't call himself a Christian". Extending that quote to what Stephen Harper calls our "Northern European Welfare State" I can't help but wonder if Jesus would ever vote for Stevie's Reform come Alliance come Conservative party?

After all the Jesus of the Gospels never held a steady job, although it is said he had a trade as a carpenter...with some translations saying stone mason. But he never used his skill in any of the writings available to us, instead he wandered about from town to town. He was never in one place long enough to settle down, preaching in the sanctuaries of the day he was invariably getting booted and chased out of town by the religious zealots of the day.

With no social assistance programs to rely upon Jesus and his followers would shack up with whoever would take them in. Some Biblical scholars have opined that Jesus must have had some wealthy benefactors, perhaps Mary Magdalene among them...who bankrolled the saviour's journey through the holy lands.
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But on the whole Jesus' followers were mostly the poor and disenfranchised, and he often criticized the wealthy. Jesus didn't speak out against taxation, in fact he said taxes should be paid...rendering to Caesar that which was Caesar's. The man was pretty clear with his opinions on those who possessed wealth and privilege in fact. Give to everyone who asks of you, and don't ask to have returned that which is stolen from you. Hey, if someone swipes your coat...then give them your sandals too.

Harper and his cronies seem far more like the Pharises and Sadducees of the Bible.. Let the poor fend for themselves, or leave them to beg for whatever crumbs fall off the master's table. The poor may inherit the Earth...but in the meantime let them eat cake, or whatever else they can manage. Until their grand inheritance comes in, leave the rich to their wealth, the poor can wait...and maybe pray.

It used to be that the NDP was something of a haven for Canadian clergy...but no longer. American style evangelical churches with their Calvinistic approach have taken over in attracting Canadian Christians...and pushing them to the Conservative Party of Canada. Of course if the second coming, which so many Chritians believe in, does indeed come to pass...Jesus will probably be kicked out of the congregation.

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