Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Does Pro-Choice Mean Anti Free Speech?

There's been a fair bit of news about reproductive technology and procedures in the news lately. The question of Late Term Abortion or LTA for short, multiple births through the implanting of eggs, a procedure available to even senior post-menopausal women...the question of gender selection in determining whether or not to abort a viable fetus.

I get the distinct impression that certain members of the Pro-Choice lobby don't want discussion on anything that touches on reproductive technologies or on the rights of women to access these procedures. But given that these services are often performed at a cost to our Health Care System...a system we all fund through our tax dollars, it is something I think we should be discussing.

Advances in medical technology have made so many things possible in terms of reproductive choice, but questions of ethics do come into play. Just because a procedure is possible, does that mean it is something that should be left to individual choice? Obviously for those on the extreme end of the Pro-Choice lobby the answer is yes.

Any attempt to discuss placing restrictions on these procedures may very well be met with loud protestations and the screaming of matter how reasonable a proposed limitation might seem. Discussion is shouted down and public debate is squashed, which is exactly the goal of this extreme element.
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As things now stand in Canada there are no laws to prevent an individual from opting for an abortion because the fetus is a girl. There is no legislation to stop a Grandmother in her 60's from giving birth to twins. A teenager in denial about her pregnancy into the 3rd trimester can still access abortion services paid for by the Health Care System.

There are "guidelines" in place of course, set out by the Canadian Medical Association. But are mere guidelines preferable to regulation backed up by legislation?

I fully expect to be screamed at just as has happened when I've written about this previously...with another blog site telling me to "Shut The F### UP". But if those opposed to free speech haven't figured it out by now, I don't give into bullies and I'm not easily intimidated.

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