Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Toss Out the Clown, Vote It Down

How can Canadians have any confidence in this government's ability to forecast anything? In just a matter of weeks we've gone from a projected surplus to a deficit, from being told to go bargain hunting for cheap stocks to being told the economy is going to be under serious stress for years to come. From "don't worry be happy" to "okay worry, but not too much".

Harper and Flaherty drained the public treasury by tossing nickels and dimes at Canadians in the form of meaningless 1% cuts to the GST when times were good. Now they're up to quarters, whoopee!!! An extra $250 per year for the average Canadian in income tax cuts, a mind staggering 68 pennies a day.

"Make my Tim Horton's coffee a large today Betty, Mr. Flaherty gave me a big raise".

The recession is now, but we'll have to wait for 2009 before shovels start hitting the ground in planned infrastructure projects...that is of course if other levels of government step in with matching funds. There are some positive changes to EI, which will be badly needed if Flaherty's management of the economy is as weak as his forecasting skill.

I stand by my earlier prediction, that Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals will support the budget document with reservations. That is my prediction but it is not my wish. Take your shot Mr. Ignatieff, the NDP and Bloc have already indicated they're going to vote to oust this Conservative goverment which seems to have trouble predicting anything a week ahead, let alone 5 years down the road.
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Speed up your PC

Iggy needs to show the cajones Dion lacked when he repeatedly had the Liberals sit on their hands during Harper's last minority mandate. If the Liberals do find their collective manhood, the Governor General should give the opposition parties an oppourtunity to govern, sparing Canadians yet another trip to the polls. But if she doesn't we have to be ready to vote again.

Last time around almost 10,000,0000 Canadians didn't even bother going to the polls. For those who support any of the opposition parties that cannot be allowed to happen again. The Conservatives are armed and ready for the next election call, with an energized and committed base of Religious Righties. Whether the election writ gets dropped this week or some time in the not too distant future Canadians need to hold this Government to account for it's irresponsible handling of both the economy and our national affairs.

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