Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is Anyone Else Sick of Obama Yet?

Don't let the subject line alarm you, I'm a very big fan of Barack Obama and have been waiting anxiously for the departure of 'The Shrub'. But Jeeze Louise, this is like Mambo Number Five on steroids. Is there an African American left in the United States who hasn't had a microphone thrust in their face with the question, "What does Obama's Presidency mean to you"? being asked.

CNN's website with streaming video was so slow at work today I thought we'd reverted back to a 9.6 baud rate dial-up modem.

America's first African American president...got it, I got it back in November. Americans have gone from praying their President doesn't screw something else up, to praying and actually believing in a better tomorrow. We live in an age of Success Coaches and Lifestyle Gurus...and Obama is the political extension of that reality. Hearing people shout, "YES WE CAN" I kept expecting Tony Robbins to come bouncing on stage.

We're captivated by this man, and yes his is just a man, because by every imaginable measure he should never have been able to achieve what he has. The U.S. has always been a racially divided nation, so by mere virtue of the colour of his skin Barack Obama was already handicapped in the arena that is national U.S. politics. He was raised by a single mother, abandoned by his father. Again hardly a recipe for success, regardless of the chosen endeavour.

And if that wasn't enough he has an Arabic middle name, AND a first name that rhymes with Osama. Yet in spite of all these many roadblocks Barack Obama now holds the most powerful elected position in the entire world.

No wonder people are awestruck, not just blacks...but everyone. We've all had obstacles thrown at us, and most of us use them as a crutch to justify our own failings. But seeing Obama achieve what he has achieved, in spite of the enormous obstacles placed in front of him...even the most hardened cynic can't help but be impressed. Not only impressed but inspired. Maybe the challenges I'm facing (and we all face challenges in our lives) aren't insurmountable after all?

Hrmmmmmm, maybe I'm not sick of Obama just yet.

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