Thursday, May 17, 2012

A solution to the Québec student strikes...bill baby boomers

I'm really getting fed up with baby boomers, especially those who to try to characterize the Québec student strikers as being greedy and out of touch with reality.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Tuition fees in Quebec were frozen when baby boomers stormed through the educational system.  They earned their degrees, designations and lamb skins without having to worry about what their education cost.  Hey man its cool, education is important to society so government should pay.  Of course 'government' means taxpayers, and back then boomers paid very little, if anything, in taxes.

Flash forward 40 or so years as the greedy generation puts on their Depends undergarments while trying to pick out which retirement home they'll move into when they're nearing death's door.  Now many of the gimme gimme boomers are whining about how Québecs tuition costs will still be the lowest in Canada and that today's students need to face up to reality.

Ahhhh, reality.  The reality is that boomers repeatedly elected governments which funded the programs they wanted, and then paid for them by borrowing money from their kids and grand kids in the form of future taxes, service cuts and of course...tuition hikes.

So here's the solution, et Monsieur Charest...c'est cent pour cent gratuit, je sais que vous avez pas assez de l'argent pour me payer. 

All those Viagra popping, Botox junkie boomers who suckled at the public teet to earn their diplomas, degrees and designations...match them up with graduate students heading into the job market with a large chunk of debt around their necks, and have them split the cost. 

If Jean-Louis comes out of med-school needing to pay down a $100K student loan, then take $50K of it and assign it to a boomer who graduted with a degree in medicine between the sixties and early nineteen eighties.

Of course a solution like this would require boomers to do something their parents were very familiar with, its called sacrifice.  But I won't hold my breath expecting Canada's worst generation to endorse any idea or initiative that calls on them to give instead of take.

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