Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flying from Quebec City to Toronto via Porter

I don't want to come across as a corporate shill or anything, but at the same time when there's a product or service that I enjoy, I like to share my opinion.

Such is the case with Porter Airlines, with whom I have now flown twice from Québec City to Toronto.  I am now living in Québec's capital city, but for about 30 years I grew up and lived in the Greater Toronto Area, from Etobicoke to Whitby and many points in between.

The distance between my residence and my father's house near where my children live is about 750 km, and that makes for a long drive.  I've done it often enough already and it isn't fun, finally getting to my destination with an affliction I call 'numb ass'.  And with gas prices being what they are the cost is close to $100.   

Because Porter flies into Toronto's Island Airport...or Billy Bishop...I'm right downtown and can hop on a Go Train for a quick ride to Pickering.  My flight left Québec City's Jean Lesage airport at 6:30 AM.  We landed right about 8AM and I was on the train shortly after 9, getting to my father's house a little after 10.  Had I been driving I'd barely have been half way in that time. 

It cost a bit more than what gas would have cost, but not by much, and that's not counting wear and tear on the car. 

My only complaint is having to wait for the stupid ferry to shuttle me across about one hundred lousy yards of water!!!  I know there's a tunnel in the works, but seriously...what's wrong with a simple little walking bridge?!?!

In Pickering they've put a bridge over the 401 that took what would have been a 45 minute walk and made it only 20, and I'm sure its cheaper than a tunnel. 

Of course the ferry has nothing to do with Porter, that's up to Toronto City Council I imagine and the Toronto Port Authority. 

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