Monday, September 5, 2011

Sooner or later the left must unite

That the Liberals and NDP will eventually unite is a foregone conclusion in my opinion, the only question is one of timing.  Will it be sooner or later?

The old Progressive Conservatives and Reform/Alliance parties watched the Liberals romp to 3 consecutive majorities before resolving their differences and joining forces as the Conservative Party of Canada.  Will the NDP and Liberals wait as long?  Not if they're smart.

The progressive left is far too fragmented and the Conservatives are too strong for Dippers and Grits to let pride get in the way of common sense.  Of course there will need to be compromise on both sides, but a look at the Conservatives shows it can be done. 

Interestingly Stephen Harper has managed to keep the old socially conservative Reform/Alliance wing on board despite ignoring issues like abortion and same sex marriage.  Fiscal conservatives haven't been too happy given the rampant spending, but we're starting to see signs that a return to balanced budgets is once again a priority.

In other words compromise can be achieved, and Canada's very existence is the result of compromise.  The NDP and Liberals will eventually come to that realization, its just a matter of time.  I'm quite certain Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are hoping its a long drawn out process. 

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