Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tim Hudak - Too wishy washy to lead Ontario?

Tim Hudak wants to be the next Premier of Ontario, desperately so by all appearances.  Canada is caught up in something of a Conservative wave right now, and Hudak looks eager as hell to cash in and grab the mantle of power at Queens Park.

But on important issues such as wind power Hudak needs to provide some clarity and do better than wavering weak rhetoric.  Polls show Ontarians are overwhelmingly supportive of green energy programs like wind power...but with that being said its fair game to oppose wind farms. 

The question is, with Ontario being a leader in the manufacture of wind turbines...How do the Tories propose to replace all the jobs being created given their campaing pledge to axe the program?  We in this province are at the forefront of a burgeoning industry, something I thought Conservatives would be supportive of.

It definitely has this voter thinking twice about Hudak, and I'm a voter who has voted for Ontario's Conservatives in the past.  

And the flip flopping wishy washiness doesn't stop there.  On abortion the PC leader says he favours the status quo, this despite signing a petition just a couple years back to withdraw public funding.  Then there's the Ontario Human Rights Commission, one day he's all for abolishing it, now he says he just wants to fix it.  

Dalton McGuinty and the Liberals haven't done a perfect job, no government ever does.  But if you want to replace them you have to do more than alter the campaign script every time your audience changes.  These are challenging time and leadership matters.  

Turbines need to move with the direction of the wind, but politicians doing the same end up looking weak and indecisive. 

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