Monday, August 22, 2011

Jack Layton's passing, let's leave the analysis for another day....

So what does the passing of NDP leader Jack Layton mean? 

Let's forget about that for now and just take a bit of time to admire the man for his energy, his convictions and passion.  They say a candle burns brightest before it goes out, and that is a fitting description of how Jack Layton captivated a significant portion of the electorate and vaulted the NDP to never before seen heights for Canada's socialist party in our most recent election.

I was as shocked as anyone at how gaunt and aged Jack looked during the news conference when he announced he was taking time off to battle cancer, but I'll relegate that image to the back of the photo library and instead remember the vibrant campaigner who exuded energy, even while using a cane.

Rest well and be at peace Jack Layton.

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