Tuesday, June 14, 2011

While waiting for Harper to destroy the country...a bit about me

If you've only just stumbled upon this little corner of cyberspace, then you won't be aware of my political leanings.  You see, like many who observe the political arena, I have leanings.  Leanings however shouldn't be confused with conviction, leanings are just what they imply...leanings, inclinations, a tilt in one general direction.  This might sound wishy washy, far preferable for many is to fully embrace something, but when it comes to politics I prefer being wishy washy. 

I didn't vote for or write supportively of our Prime Minister during the election, but at the same time I didn't view the election of the Conservatives to a majority as an unmitigated disaster.  It might end up being a disaster, but if it does I think it will be of the mitigated variety...of course like many things that depends on one's point of view.

It has occurred to me though that Stephen Harper is upsetting many who campaigned against him and railed against the prospect of that which we now have, a Harper led majority government in Canada. 

How is Harper upsetting so many of those who proclaim themselves to be "progressive". 

Simple, he hasn't destroyed the country yet.  DAMN!!!  Canada's left is just itching to scream:


But so far Mr. Harper is frustrating the bejeebers out of them.  He could at least toss the naysayers a bone, a morsel....something.  Outlaw public health care, jail single mothers, make Christianity the new state religion.  But alas nothing, just the usual differences on matters of policy and the nuance of general legislative direction.

In an effort to fill this void for the anti-Harper camp I've decided to write about a subject close to my heart. One with which I am neither wishy nor washy.  Me!!!  When it comes to yours truly, I don't have leanings, I am a complete and full convert.  

Regular readers already know I'm in the Canadian Forces, my element is Land.  For those uninitiated in Canadian military speak, that means I'm in the Canadian Army.  I joined at the advanced age of 43 as a buck private recruit and I am currently on a training course for my chosen trade, communications.

I'm not alone being a middle aged member who only recently joined up, but I am in a decided minority.  There are 24 of us on my course and I am the oldest with the average age being somewhere around 25, remove my age from the equation and that average drops to 20. 

Ahhhhh, the army.  Up at 5am, going for a morning 5k jog with a bunch of kids, half of whom don't even need to shave.  Its great!!!  The best part is learning, when you stop learning new things you start to die...well I've got lots more life left in me because I love learning. 

The worst part?  That's easy inspections.  I wasn't aware of it, but apparently the success or failure of a military operation is based on the ability of members to properly fold underwear.  Everything laid out the same as everyone else and in the exact same place, attention to detail, got it.  I'm contemplating putting a fluorescent yellow soap dish in my top drawer, a bit of colour for an upcoming inspection...I'll let you know how that goes.  I might not be able to type if  I do it, it depends on how many push ups a colourful display earns  me.

On balance though the past year has been great and I'm looking forward to finishing my course and being posted to a unit.  I'm excited at the possibility of getting the chance to do a tour in Afghanistan before Canada fully withdraws in 2014.

I'll still be writing here so do check back.  Yes the housing market in Canada is going to get its butt kicked thanks  to all the no money down 35/40 year sub prime mortgages.  Prime Minister Harper will continue his march along the tightrope that balances him between his neo-conservative Christian right base and the far larger progressive population.  But in between polarizing issues I'll share a bit of how my life is unfolding.

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