Thursday, June 16, 2011

No hidden meaning or lessons in Vancouver riots - Its just plain sad

I was in downtown Toronto when the Blue Jays won their first World Series in 1992, it was fun.  If there were isolated incidents of vandalism or violence I didn't see any, either live or reported.  People just running up and down Yonge Street high fiving one another.

Do I think the riots in Vancouver would have been avoided with a Canucks win?  Pfffft, no way.  Damn  we lost!!!  Let's wreck stuff.  Whooopeee, we won!!!  Let's wreck stuff.  Sad, just sad. 

The most upsetting video on saw was on CBC news, it showed a man trying to protect his place of business, and getting beaten up for his trouble.  Beaten up by a bunch of cowards.

So what is it?  Maybe all those violent video games guys love, where you get to drive around and wreak havoc on an urban environment?  The riot videos I've seen have 3 common denominators:   young, male and stupid. 

These idiots, most of whom I'd wager don't have the athletic skill for a game  of tiddly winks have severely tarnished Vancouver's image. 

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