Saturday, January 8, 2011

Life in the army, heading back to base

After a very enjoyable Christmas holiday season with my kids and family, its back to work Monday. Since joining the CF in March of this year at the ripened age of 43, (now 44 and counting) I've had lots of readers commenting on posts about my experiences at basic and asking what's now in store.

After completing BMQ (Basic Military Qualification) or boot camp if you will, I was posted in Ontario where I am awaiting training in my trade...communications. While waiting the CF keeps members busy with various taskings. I was sent to CFB Wainwright for a month in the fall to take part in a training exercise involving the next rotation of soldiers going to Afghanistan.

Here's a youtube video giving a description of the exercise, it was also reported on TV and in major print media.

I've also been to CFB Meaford for a Soldier Qualification course, learning to survive in the field and how to safely handle various arms. I still have a long road to haul before I'm qualified in my trade and eligible to be deployed.

With Canada extending the mission in Afghanistan I'm hopeful of having the opportunity to serve there. I want to see things with my own eyes, as opposed to hearing the biased opinions of those who've never been there.

I will be writing still, however expect this blog to be sporadic at best. Very best for the new year everyone.

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