Saturday, January 29, 2011

Corporate tax cuts or health care? Canada's choice

I'm sure Stephen Harper will take exception, but if things play out the way many are anticipating, then this will be the question facing Canadians in a spring election:

Do Canadian voters want continued funding for health care and other federal social programs, or would we prefer to see profitable businesses pay less in taxes.

Of course Harper and his minions will be hard at work telling voters that we can have our cake and eat it too. That the government can continue to lower taxes, continue to deliver on social programs, and do it all while restoring fiscal balance and eliminating the deficit.

If you believe that then you probably believed Harper when he said he'd leave income trusts tax exempt. And you probably missed Harper's record setting performance in stacking the senate when he said he wouldn't. Oh, and let's not forget our Prime Minister's assurances about never going into deficit and how Canada would avoid a recession.

Yeah right.

Stephen will be hard at work trying to convince us hosers that by lowering corporate taxes employment will increase. Its the old "trickle down" argument that keeps proving false time and time again, because wealth accumulates and consolidates at the top. Actually "trickle" might be an appropriate word, because while billions will be diverted from Ottawa's coffers and government programs, no doubt a few pennies will 'trickle' down to working stiffs.

Just look at our incredibly profitable banks. Does anyone in their right mind think line ups will shrink for a teller if the big six are paying less in taxes? Bonuses to senior executives would certainly rise, to say nothing of dividends to share holders.

But increased employment???

The increased profitability would likely put merger plans back on the front burner, which would mean consolidation and fewer jobs.

Harper has repeatedly stated that sustainable funding for Health Care is a priority. But can we trust him on this?

Killing our national health care system would make Harper's old masters with the National Citizens Coalition happy, that organization was founded to combat Ottawa's efforts to bring quality medicare to all Canadians back in the sixties . Who contributes to the NCC??? Uhm, we don't know...they don't divulge that information. They call on government to provide greater accountability and transparency but don't think they should be constrained by the same ethical standards.

So, what'll it be? Health care of corporate tax cuts? That's the issue folks, if I lived on Bay Street then Harper would be my man. Being from Main Street though I'll be looking elsewhere.

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