Thursday, June 18, 2009

Iggy Coughs Up Puck, Then Makes a Diving Block

The other day I characterized Michael Ignatieff's ultimatum that wasn't as being akin to him going on a power play and scoring on his own net:

In retrospect that might have been a bit harsh. Given how he's handled the aftermath of threatening to topple Harper's minority government, and then backing off after meeting with the PM, I think another description is in order. I'll stick with the hockey metaphor though, and equate Iggy to a hotshot rookie defenceman being a little too cute with the puck in his own end, having it stolen off his stick...but then having enough skill and talent to recover and make a diving stop of a shot at the net.

It might be a bit of a stretch to liken Michael Igantieff at 62 years of age to a young rookie defenceman, but at least in terms of political experience its a fitting description.

In the final analysis the opposition leader accomplished nothing of significance. The Conservatives have only agreed to look at making changes to EI over the summer, with the involvement of the Liberals. At the end of his little gambit Ignatieff comes off as looking indecisive. He saw an opening, made a quick move to rush the puck out of his own end...then thought better of it after looking up ice.

Like a lot of political junkies I'm itching for another election, but that puts me in the minority. In all likelihood a vote held now would result in yet another minority government. If the Liberals managed to win the most seats they would need the support of the NDP and/or Bloc. Obviously Ignatieff is more comfortable working with the Tories than the other parties.

EI benefits, isotopes for cancer treatment and incompetent ministers aside the central issue for Canadians right now is the economy. By waiting until at least the fall Ignatieff has bought the Liberals more time to organize and fund raise. When the vote finally comes though Michael will have a difficult task in differentiating the Liberals from a Conservative government he has willingly supported and propped up.

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