Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ed McMahon in Heaven Saying..."Here's Farrah and Mikey"

This has been quite a week for celebrity deaths, especially for us older folks. Yes I know, early 40s isn't typically considered old...unless you're talking to my kids. But Ed, Farrah and Mikey are names not as well known to those 30 and younger.

Farrah Fawcett burst onto the scene in Charlies' Angels, before I'd made it to puberty...sure I knew she was pretty, but I was more interested in her skate boarding than her gorgeous bod at 8 years of age or so. What's that you're asking me 16 year old skater dude? Farrah was a skater? Yeppers, she was chasing bad guys on her board while hitching rides on the back of pick up trucks before Tony Hawk was even in high school.

Michael Jackson, dead already, WoW!!! That one is hard to believe. But then I don't really care. I liked some of his music, but let's face it...MJ was one strange man. But then he'd been in the spotlight since he was a little kid fronting the Jackson 5. That kind of worldwide attention would likely push just about anyone over the edge.

And Johnny Carson's sidekick, Ed McMahon too...although he's more of my parent's generation, he was still a media icon as well. Other talk show hosts have tried the sidekick routine, but Johnny and Ed were the only 2 who made it work.

What do their deaths mean to me? Nothing really, I never met them. Life will continue as usual and a week from now I'll have forgotten their passing. But right now it reminds me that I am in fact getting older...something my son reminds me about all the time.

When I'd hear my parents talking about dead celebrities from years gone by it made them seem older to me, so I won't be mentioning Ed, Farrah and Mikey again.

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