Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fox Talk Show Ridicules Canada's Afghan War Effort...

I just had the misfortune of watching a youtube video on a Fox talk show called "Red Eye". In this snippet they use Canada's decision to withdraw from Afghanistan in 2011 as a springboard to belittle not only our efforts in that country, but also to belittle the very lives of the 116 Canadians who have died fighting in this conflict.

I've often wondered how seemingly educated and advanced countries like America and Canada can have citizens so easily duped into believing thinly veiled propaganda such as the so called justifications for our invasion of Afghanistan. After watching this video however, its obvious I'm giving our societies far too much credit.

For those who believe we're really there for humanitarian reasons and to prevent the spread of Islamic terrorism, you'll lap this up. In fact you may want to start spouting off on world issues at the local trailer park, I hear Fox is looking for more on air talent to provide "funny" commentary on other serious issues.

Fox...providing brain dead hicks with news, commentary and new careers. Ugh.

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