Friday, March 6, 2009

Calling Jim Flaherty - Ontario Needs You

Well Jimmy, no doubt you've heard the good news...the Ontario PCs are once again looking for a new leader. That guy who beat you for the leadership last time around...John Tory, he made his resignation official. The door is open my boy, you can now make a triumphant return to Queen's Park. No more whining about Ontario's corporate taxes, you can seize the leadership and go head to head with Dalton's Liberals...and then reward your business friends when you become Ontario's next premier.

Yeah I know you have a sweet gig in Ottawa right now, but governing in a recession is no picnic. And let's face it, you haven't exactly been a shining star in the portfolio of finance for your boss Stephen Harper. Canadians are pretty reasonable, we know that forecasts aren't always bang on the mark...but a best before expiry of just 48 hours on your projections doesn't look too good.

One thing Jimmy, if you do decide to make the careful about the issue of funding faith based schools. Yeah yeah, I know its your pet...but it was that plank which doomed Ontario's provincial Tories. If that was a Trojan horse though I must say it was a brilliant strategy. I know losing the party leadership to John Tory really stung. Was getting him to promise to make funding faith based schools a key election issue a bit of subterfuge on your part? If so well done you cagey bastid!

I love the way you screwed Tory over when Harper was setting a Canadian record for stuffing the Senate. A word from you and Stevie would've plucked a sitting Conservative MPP from in a truly safe riding to give JT a smooth ride into the legislature. Glad to see you haven't lost your vindictive touch. To hell with John Tory, that should serve as a nice reminder should anyone try to seriously challenge your rightful place again.
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I mean seriously, John Tory is a nice and decent guy and all...but he had no business running against a veteran politician such as yourself. If you want to lead a major political party you have to know how to flip flop, and to not blink while doing it. You and Stevie did that so well when you reversed your decision on Income Trusts. It was beautiful, Harper even had ME believing you guys were gonna leave Trusts alone.

So Mr. Flaherty...whaddyer say? Let someone else drive Ottawa's treasury into the ground, come back to Ontario...we need you.

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