Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blogging???? Here Goes!!!

Greetings blogesphere, if that's even a word...And if it is did I spell it correctly? I've been sharing my thoughts on a variety of subjects on my Facebook page, and have even managed some positive feedback, so what the heck...why not create a blog.

Everyone's life experience is unique, with views shaped by various influences...and the more we share the better and more informed we become. My own bio is that of a forty two year old divorced father of two children. While I'm a proud Canadian the majority of my youth was spent growing up in the United States: New York, New Jersey and Oregon, however from the age of 12 forward I'm as Canuk as maple syrup, hockey and Bob and Doug. After graduating high school I went to University for two years in Toronto before leaving. I imagine my experience wasn't unique, I was there to basically kill time...not having been able to decide upon a direction.

One gift I was given by my parents however is what I consider a fairly developed capacity for critical thinking. If you decide to read up on my thoughts you can decide for yourself how well developed this skill is. There are no sacred cows, politics and religion are two of my favourite topics. I may post some of my Fbk notes here to give you a taste.

Happy Blogging All

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