Friday, November 28, 2008

Another Canadian Election?!?! #%&@ OFF!!!

I may be a self described 'political junke'....but even I have had it with election campaigns. After our election then the marathon US race, that's enough. We don't need a do-over here in Canada, especially when the last election proved totally worthless. Canadian taxpayers footed a 300 million dollar bill for an election that left us with basically the same government that we had before Harper called it.

In our last parliament the opposition parties (the Liberals in particular) basically rolled over and let Harper govern as though he had a majority...which was all well and good. Nobody wanted to take the blame for an election being called, and the Conservatives deftly stickhandled the issue by categorizing their previous mandate as unworkable. Now it seems obvious Harper and the Conservatives are attempting to force the opposition parties into a vote of non-confidence.

If the Liberals, Bloc and NDP do plan on taking down the Conservatives they should do it on only one condition, that they're able to form a coalition government and get on with the business of running the country and managing the economy during these troubling times. Ideally Harper will back off from this game of chicken and introduce measures to appease at least one of the oppposition parties, thus ensuring some stability.

  • Canada does not need another costly election at a time when our politicians should be governing, not campaigning.

Our Governor General Mme Jean, although not elected, has a responsibility to Canadians. If the opposition parties do bring down the government and come to her with a proposed coalition she must accept it. Canada does not need another costly election at a time when our politicians should be governing, not campaigning. Together the three opposition parties garnered roughly 65% of the vote last time around, that's certainly more of a mandate than Harpers 35%. If they're able to come together on a legislative agenda that will keep us from the polls for at least another year then that is the only solution.

I might feel differently if there was an Obama on the horizon waiting to take the reigns. Unfortunately here in Canada our choices are restricted to Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber.

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