Saturday, October 3, 2015

Calling on all 'Old Stock' Canadians to put an end to the Muslim problem....A Modest Proposal

Canada is the only country standing up to the problem of the International Muslim. Who is the International Muslim? The International Muslim has no allegiance to his country, be it Canada or any other. The International Muslim is seeking to take over countries like Canada and subject Old Stock Canadians to his religion. We must make it easier to remove the International Muslim from our midst, by deporting him to other countries, even if he was born and raised in Canada.
But we cannot stop there, the International Muslim has declared war on Canada and only Old Stock Canadians under strong leadership can stop him.
Deporting the International Muslim will, at times, be difficult. Our liberal courts and other politicians will put up barriers, their bleeding hearts will cry out in the liberal press about human rights. They don't realize the threat posed by the International Muslim. That's why Old Stock Canadians must do all they can to assure we have leadership in this country that will tackle the problem head on.
The International Muslim is not to be underestimated, he is sly and clever. Already he has infiltrated and converted some of our own citizens, blending in with cultural camouflage. We must take this camouflage away and make the International Muslim visible to all. A large red coloured letter 'M' should be worn by all Muslims and displayed openly on their clothing.
But that will not be enough. Already the International Muslim has become, in many ways, indistinguishable from other Canadians. The International Muslim will try to hide among us, like a Trojan Horse.
We must create Muslim sections in our major cities. To solve a problem like the International Muslim you must know where he lives. Gated and controlled sections or our metropolitan areas should be cordoned off as Muslim only.
This is just the start, but to do these strip the International Muslim of his Canadian citizenship and more we need strong leadership in this country. We need leadership that recognizes the problem of the International Muslim, leadership that will confront it head on.
Old stock Canadians must band together and ensure nothing stops such a government from being elected on October 19th.

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