Saturday, December 8, 2012

A final word on internet dating

Its been a long time since I've written anything about dating in general or internet dating in particular.  There's a reason for that, on September 22nd of this year I took the plunge and am now happily married to a wonderful woman.

While I didn't meet my resident love goddess via The Internet , I know several couples who have formed lasting relationships after meeting through a dating site, some of whom have gone on to get married.  And let's face it, Internet dating is here to stay.  While there might have been some stigma attached to it in the early days, now that social networking has become such an integral part of everyday life, using an on-line introduction service is becoming the norm.

Recently I was asked my opinion on Lifemates Canada, given my experience with on-line dating, and I must say I like their approach.  Unlike many sites Lifemates does not come across as being all about numbers, getting as many registered users as possible.  Rather they seem far more interested in engaging their customers through innovative and thoughtful offers.  For example they partner with restaurants so that their members get special treatment.  

Another positive aspect is that they actually invite complaints on their review and complaint pages.  Now that's being proactive.  By encouraging their customers to list their issues it enables staff to address and rectify problems and make improvements.  Getting out in front of challenges is the best way to handle them and goes a long way in satisfying customers.

Speaking as a newlywed who's thrilled to be in a committed relationship, and as an individual who had his share of being single, I would encourage anyone sitting on the fence to get out there.  There is plenty of competition among various sites offering introductions to prospective partners.  Find a site that meets your needs and expectations, you've got nothing to lose, the love of your life might be waiting for you.  

Here's one last link for those looking for an independent site that reviews different introduction services:  Genka Dating Reviews

Get out there and start enjoying life.  

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