Sunday, April 8, 2012

I guess all of Europe is misogynist - Welcome to the new Canada

Demonizing those with whom one disagrees, that's something we're seeing more and more of in this country.  We certainly heard it during our most recent federal election.  Had Canadians elected a majority of NDP and Liberal MPs the country would have been utterly destroyed, or so it seemed based on the rhetoric coming from the Conservative party.

There were many on the left though that held similar thoughts of Canada's imminent demise should a Tory majority result.  As for me personally, my hope was for a centre/left coalition, but at the same time I didn't view a Harper majority as having the ability to destroy Canada.

But maybe I was wrong.  If you view the capacity for civil discourse as being something intrinsically Canadian, then maybe Canada has indeed undergone a fundamental change.  It seems to me that there are some centre/left adherents who have adopted the vary language and tactics they used to deride.

I have put quite a few noses out of joint for having had the temerity to suggest that I would not be averse to Canada adopting abortion statutes similar to those that currently exist in many European countries.   Basically that would mean extending some rights to a later term fetus, one so far developed that it would be capable of surviving autonomous of its mother. 

Sweden is a country whose laws to me seem reasonable.  There are many who disagree, and I take no issue with that.

I do however take some issue with some of the rhetoric being used to combat my opinion.  Apparently, because I don't hold to the view that a woman's right to security of the person should trump all over those of an unborn child, at every stage of pregnancy....well it seems to serve the purpose of some wonderfully open-minded and so called progressive individuals to characterize me as any number of things: 

Apparently I'm a misogynist, a creationist and a bible thumper...those are the ones I'll print here.  There are others that I'll refrain from repeating given that I try to steer clear of profanity on this blog.

Certainly human rights in general and woman's rights in particular are not something limited to our sparsely populated northern democracy.  I suggest that those who are truly enraged at the thought of any restriction being placed on a woman's right to an abortion at any stage of pregnancy, that they organize a boycott of all things Swedish, French, German...and on and on. 

There are plenty of countries which do not allow complete and unrestricted access to abortion during the entire 9 months of pregnancy, (almost every country in the world) so obviously they are all deserving of being labeled misogynist and worthy of utter contempt and the suspension of normal human decency when it comes to dealing with them. 

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