Wednesday, July 20, 2011

IQT client Bell Canada should step up and help affected workers

Hundreds of Canadian workers should not be left in the lurch by the sudden closing of call centres in Trois-Rivières, Laval, and Oshawa. 

According to an on-line news article in the The Tennessean:

"The affected call center employees performed customer and technical help services for Bell Canada".  (READ IT HERE)

This is how the call centre industry works.  Companies like Bell Canada outsource their telemarketing to third party service bureaus like IQT, by doing so they avoid having to pay employees directly and have the flexibility to expand and contract telemarketing activity at reduced cost and bottom line risk.

But Bell Canada has a moral obligation to partner itself with companies that operate with integrity in my opinion, something they obviously didn't do in hiring IQT.  Now its  time for Bell to step up and help those workers left in the lurch by their business partner, and the same holds true for other IQT clients.

Companies that owe monies to IQT should divert any remittances to the affected workers first, and should give consideration to ever using IQT's services again. 

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