Thursday, October 8, 2009

Will you get the H1N1 vaccine? (Poll Question)

Reports are out telling us that the much discussed H1N1 vaccine will be out in November, the question remains though, will Canadians be rolling up their sleeves.

Canada's chief public health officer, Dr. David Butler-Jones, is reported as saying that approval is expected later this month, with clinical trails being done to determine whether one or two doses will be needed. And we're still waiting for confirmation that the regular seasonal flu shot may actually increase a person's risk of getting Swine Flu.

So, when it comes to the H1N1 vaccine...will you be getting the shot?

I won't, but then I'm one of those guys who typically avoids trips to the doctor unless its absolutely required. In fact I don't think I've ever had any sort of flu shot, not in the last twenty plus years anyway.

I'm also something of a contrarian thinker, meaning efforts put into convincing me to do something tend to have the opposite effect. If health officials really want to persuade people like me, they'd do better with a little reverse psychology.

Don't bother with the flu shot, you probably don't need it.
-Now that would get me thinking -

Of course this isn't the regular old run of the mill flu, or so we're being told. For regular influenza high risk groups typically include seniors, those under five years of age and people with underlying health conditions.

With H1N1 we're being told that older individuals may have a built in immunity. The U.S. Centre for Disease Control is saying that people aged 6 months to 24 years are actually higher risk for H1N1 than seniors.

Health officials are trying to combat many of the fears concerning the Swine Flu shot, a major concern is the speed with which its being developed. That has some worried that public safety could be comprimised. And of course there's the conspiracy crowd who are suspicious of any government controlled program being foisted on the general population.

I'm interested in reading as many comments as possible, and in seeing the results of the poll. According to CBC news those at high risk are:

-People with chronic medical conditions under the age of 65.
-Pregnant women
-Children six months of age to under five years of age.
-People living in remote and isolated settings or communities.
-Health-care workers involved in pandemic response or who deliver essential health services.

Will you be getting the H1N1 vaccine?
I'm in a high risk group - YES
I'm in a high risk group - NO
I'm in a low risk group - YES
I'm in a low risk group - NO
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