Monday, May 23, 2011

Time for the post Rapture headcount....

May 21 came and went with no earthquakes or other disasters to speak of, unless you think this blog qualifies.  The Rapture was supposed to happen on Saturday, and near as I can tell we're all still here.  For those unfamiliar with what the Rapture means, some Christians believe they'll be beamed up to heaven before the rest of us are subjected to destruction. 

But even the Christian clergyman who raised and spent millions to warn us, Harold Camping, is still among I guess we'll dispense with the head count.

Should this lead some Christians to re-examine their faith?  Perhaps it should.  Those who believe the Bible to be God's authoritative and final word might do well to engage in a bit of re-think me thinks.

Taking words written down by human beings, and then translated over and over for thousands of years...and trying to discern some divine message from them certainly seems even more dubious now than it did before May 21, 2011.  And I'm sure that's especially true for those who emptied their bank accounts to plaster the message on billboards all over the world.

Apparently millions were spent on this marketing blitz.  What a waste.  That's money that could have gone to feeding the hungry, for food and clothing for the indigent.   But then Christianity has evolved into something far different from what the reputed words of Jesus professed. 

If you're one of those still hung up on the meaning of some 2,000 year old writings...consider this.  Jesus hand picked 12 disciples to deliver his message, and even they didn't understand what he was talking about most of the time.  Many Christians believe that Jesus predicted his own demise by saying the temple would be destroyed and that it would rise again on the third day. 

But his own disciples didn't understand what the heck Jesus was talking about, they expected the temple mount to be razed and rebuilt.  Only after the fact did they supposedly understand it....

"OHHHHH!  Remember when he called the body a temple?  He was talking about himself"!!!

Prophecy isn't really very useful unless you understand what it means BEFORE the event happens, not after.

If any future religious leader wants to pinpoint the day for the end of times...I suggest they pull a number out of a hat that's at least 100 years in the future.

And seriously, would God really end the world so soon after Stephen Harper and his Christian base finally got a majority? 

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